Buying a snowboard can be confusing. Here are some top tips to help when choosing a snowboard.


  1. Make a list of key features. Before you start make a note of the must have’s and the desirables.
  2. Decide on colour and style. A snowboard may be technically perfect for you but if you don’t look cool then you wont fully enjoy it.
  3. Set a budget – be realistic from the start because high end boards are eye wateringly expensive. Entry level boards can be had for just over £200 but prepare to upgrade if you get the snowboard bug
  4. Be realistic about your ability. Are you really an intermediate? That pro board may look great but may become an embarrassment when wipe out spectacularly on the slopes.
  5. Think about where you will snowboard – powder or carve? Park or freestyle? This greatly influences what sort of board you buy. All snowboards involve some performance compromise unless you can afford a board for every activity.
  6. Size matters – what length and with of board do you need. Size depends on a riders height and weight. As a rule of thumb the board should stand lengthways between the riders chin and the bridge of their nose. Freestyle riders go for a slightly shorter snowboard and freeriders a longer one. If you are heavier or lighter than average then a board will feel stiffer ir softer than described in the marketing blurb. Riders with big feet may need a wider board

Having got the answers to these questions, then you will be well informed to look at the information from on individual boards and make an informed choice of which one is best for you.

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